July 26, 2013

Pennant Banner {How To}

I have had lots of people ask about the banner I used in my cake smash photo shoot. It was so simple to make so I thought I would share some quick steps. 

First off: I bought a 1/4 yd of each fabric and had plenty of fabric for a 3yd banner, so if you don't want extra fabric gets less than 1/4yd.

  • Fold your piece of fabric in half(wrong side together) and cut your triangle. You can really cut it any size you want depending on how you like your triangles to look. I did 4" across the top and 6" long.
  •  I wanted my banner double sided, that's why I folded the fabric in half so I would have two triangles cut at the same time and ready to stitch together. Fastest is best, I tell ya!
  • Now with your two triangles you just cut out(that should still be wrong sides together) stitch a long straight stitch 1/4" for the edge down both the (6") sides of the triangle.
  • Once I had five triangles of each color sewn together and ready to use I started assembling the banner.
  • Using (pre-made) bias tape, folded in half, I just placed my triangles right into the fold and straight stitched down the center of the tape. Laying one triangle right after the other, until I ran out of tape.   

I'm sure I will be making many more of these banner (they are perfect for my photo shoots) so next time I will take step by step pictures. Until then, hopefully you can understand these steps. 

As for the cake, don't be fooled, It was super easy.
I just watched this how to video here and I was ready to go. I didn't even have the exact petal tip shown in the video(mine had a curve in it) and it still turned out great!

Not perfect, but cute enough for a smash cake photo shoot.

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  1. Super cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll definitely be giving it a try!


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