October 2, 2013

Halloween Decor {On a Budget}

Has anyone else been so excited to get their Halloween decorations up?

I don't know about you, but I get pretty sick of the same old decor every year, so I decided to start fresh. Now the only problem with starting fresh is buy new things. And when your on a student budget, buying new things doesn't actually happen. Thankfully I managed to round up everything for these projects right around my house.

Took my boys on a "scavenger hunt" for the perfect branches. And yes, I really did tell them it was a scavenger hunt. they loved every second of it! I even let my son help me spray paint the branches black...made his day.

Found a few Mason jars laying around, so I wrapped them in cute paper and filled them with dry beans.

The bats hanging from the tree were cut out using my Cricut. Then I spray glued them and covered them in glitter.

Grab an old frame and paint a piece of chipboard(or cardboard) to slide in it. Know one will even recognize that you actually recycled an old frame. The bats I cut out of vinyl, but you could paint those on as well.
(Free printable) Subway art over at eighteen25.

{Surprisingly...I know} I have a stockpile of canvas that I inherited...SCORE!
Taped that bad boy off and had the stripes painted in no time. I didn't have any chalkboard paint but I did have chalkboard fabric. So thats what the center is cut out of. Used a little E-6000 to glue it down to the canvas and it's as good as if I would have painted it on there.

* Halloween star I made last year, tutorial found here.
* Eek sign I painted last year as well. (traced a chevron pattern on a scrap piece of wood, painted it, and cut the Eek out of black vinyl).

Don't forget to check back next month. I still have no idea how I'll decorate for Thanksgiving...but I'll come up with something ;)

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