March 1, 2013

Clover Pillow

{It's March}!
And we all know what that means...time to pull out your St. Patties day decorations.
Mine are lacking so I thought I better get busy making a few things!

No, tutorial this time. But no worries, it's so simple you'll whip it out in an hour.

I cut out a clover stencil with laminate paper using my Cricut(seriously, get yourself some laminate paper...I've used it for who knows how many crafts's so great to have on hand)!

  • Paint the clovers onto your burlap(In a line, square, just one...)
  • Let dry, then trace on your design(I went with chevron, because I'm still obsessed with it). Who doesn't love a little splash of chevron.
  • I hand painted my stripes then finished it off with an outline of gold puff paint.
  • Finish it into a simple square pillow(or pillow case, like I did). Or throw it in a cute frame and hang it on the wall.
Quick, and cute piece to add to your St. Pattrick's Day stash.

update: I loved how the pillow turned out so I went ahead and made a matching clover to frame.

What kind's of St. Patrick's Day decor do you have in mind this year?


  1. I love this! I just found your site tonight while doing a google search....i noticed you said a while back that you had family up at BYUI. Do you live in ID? If so, you should join our ID bloggers guild! let me know.


    1. Megan, I do have lots of family up at BYUI still. Sadly I don't live in Idaho anymore...wish I did!


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