March 28, 2013

Framed {Chevron} Egg

Can you believe Easter is in 3days?
Where has time gone, seriously. It seemed to have just snuck right up on us.
I wanted to come up with something fun and new...and fast, since I will only have the rest of the week to display it. 

So here it is folks, the perfect last minute project.

  • Burlap
  • Acrylic Paint(the cheap stuff I had laying around the house) & paint brush
  • Frame

I cut out all my stencils on my cricut, but it would be fairly easy to paint this without a stencil at all...or use a printer to print your shapes and cut them out. That's up to you!

I actually cut my egg shape out of laminate paper and stuck it to the burlap(I just forgot to take pictures). This way you don't have to worry about the paint bleeding through the paper.
So lets pretend that the yellow paper is really my laminate paper:)
...(and don't mind my sons little drawing).  
After my laminate egg stencil was placed I painted 1 coat of white and let dry completely.

I made myself a little chevron stripe stencil(out of chipboard) that I use {and re-use} for every project I can think of. Yes, I am that obsessed with chevron.

I traced my chevron stencil (with a pen) over the entire white egg. Then very carefully, (by hand) painted every other stripe the color of my choice.
This took less than 1hr start to finish.
Go grab a scrap of burlap, a couple bottles of paint, and you'll have yourself a cute new decoration just in time for Easter!

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