March 29, 2012

DIY Typography Sign

I saw this saying and fell in love...but not with the price these kinds of signs are selling for. So I made my own in under $2.00...YES I did just say $2.00

I asked my Father-in-law if he had any scrap wood and it just so happened he had 1 piece in his garage that was perfect size. (Let's be honest, this is a nice piece of pine and fairly big, so I'm pretty sure he was just being extra nice to me...cause this is one nice "scrap" piece of wood). He even sanded it and got it all ready for me to paint, he's too good!! The size of the wood is 15 1/2 X 24. 

I wanted to the words to be white so I painted the top...white, two coats was plenty. (I used cheap bottles of acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby)

After it dried I put the letters on it. I cut the letters out of vinyl on my Cricut, and used transfer paper to stick it to the wood. If you notice the word "SUPERHERO" I cut it out of that cheap roll of clear laminate you can buy at Wal-Mart. Because it's clear It was definitely hard to see the word through the transfer paper to make sure it's going on straight, but if your willing to take a little more time it works great.

After the words were on where I wanted them I painted a final blue coat (I think I did 2 coats of the blue paint as well). Wait for your sign to dry, peel off the letter carefully, making sure you don't pull the paint off the rest of your sign, and your done.
This is the laminate paper I used...Duck Laminate Peel and Stick Shelf Liner, Clear = $5.48 at Wal-Mart.(It's a big roll, you'll use it for MANY projects)
And if you can't find yourself a free piece of scrap wood, you can get a cheap piece at home depot or Lowes for $5-$10 and have your sign done in under $10-$20....much better than the $60 there selling for.

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