April 18, 2012

Chevron Curtains {DIY}

So I’ve been obsessing over chevron stripes for a long while now, and as soon as I decided to start the nursery makeover I had to incorporate the stripes somewhere. I decided on curtains so there would be plenty of fabric to show off the chevron stripes, so I went with it.

I found the prefect material on fabric.com, exact color I wanted, and it was nice and thick 54” home decor fabric. I found a promo code and got free shipping so when it was all said and done I got my fabric for $6 a yard…SCORE! I was a little skeptical ordering fabric online for the first time, but when it got here it was PERFECT and everything I hoped for…you should have seen me, I was like a little kid on Christmas morning unfolding my fabric! Hours after it arrived I was already done with the curtains!

 I left each panel 54" wide and cut them the same length as some other curtain panels I had in my home. Once you get your two giant rectangle panels cut out your half way done!

I was being lazy and wanted this project to go faster then it should... so I didn't cut off my end salvage(bad me), mainly because it gave me the PERFECT guide for ironing a straight line, and man was it nice & fast!!! 

After I hemmed my two sides and bottom I made about a million(OK only 14) 3"wide strips to use at the top to of the curtain to hang the rod. (At this point I had my top ironed but not sewn, so I could still sew loops into the top as I went).

My strips were about 3"wide and 6" long

 Iron the two ends of the strip into the center.
Using the strips you just ironed, Pin one of the folded ends to the top of your panel and tuck the other end of the strip under the top hem that is still open.
 I pinned all of my loops exactly where the loops were on my other curtain panels. Then I finished off the top hem by sewing a 1/4"from the side(on each side) to hold my strips in place making my loops. (As you can see, my loops ended up being a little longer than I needed so I had a little hangover tab)

I'm super happy with the curtains, and since there one of the first things finished in the room makeover they get me excited to finish the rest of the room every time I look at them!!

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