April 24, 2012

Painted Frame & Mat

 I had this picture my mom gave me a few years ago, but I now have nowhere to hang it. It is a pretty picture and I love the shape of the mat so I wasn't about to get rid of it, it just needed a new look so I could hang it in the new nursery/toddler room! 

I cut out a chevron stripe on my cricut and used it as a stencil to trace the lines onto the mat. Then I painted...and painted. (Painting each layer of the mats a different color, which you can see in the picture below)

I Replaced the picture with some scrapbook paper for now....at least until I have an adorable picture of the little boys together(whenever new little man arrives). 

Because the curtains are chevron stripe, I didn't want to go to overboard with more stripes...so I think the painted mat was the perfect touch to bring in more chevron stripes but in a very small amount.

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