November 9, 2011

Shower Curtain

When I found out I would have an extra bathroom to decorate when we moved, I was super excited...but when I realized I didn't even have a budget to be thrifty, the bathroom stayed extra plain and boring....until now!

I got some sheet sets at target for $4 for some christmas presents I am making, can you say STEAL OF A DEAL! After I finished the presents, I still had 2 sheets left over, a blue one and a white one, perfect to make the striped curtain I was dreaming of. Yesterday it hit me to make a shower curtain, and I was so excited about it I couldn't put the fabric down!

So since it was made from scraps, I guess I could say it was FREE...or $2. Either way it's pretty great!

It feels so good to have a splash of color in there now. I LOVE it, and I can't stop walking into the bathroom. Let the bathroom decorating begin!

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