November 9, 2011

Faux Wheat Arrangement

My mom has a really pretty arrangement of wheat at home that I love! I have always wanted a wheat arrangement but I never have got around to finding a wheat field to chop up. The other day when Preston and I were outside playing with these fuzzy grass that looks pretty close to wheat, I thought...why not just use this stuff, So I grabbed a bundle.

I stabbed the ends of the grass into a square block of styrofoam to keep them somewhat arranged and together. To Paint the inside of a spaghetti sauce jar I just squirted some paint in the bottom of the jar, closed the lid and shook until the inside was covered. The vinyl came from my scraps as well as the fabric.

I was extremely pleased at the outcome...why didn't I think about using that grassy stuff until now. And when I was at Target a few days ago I found this cute wicker pumpkin for $2, didn't NEED it was my splurge for the month! If I can keep my monthly splurges less than $5 I think I'll be OK.

I am LOVING this fall weather, and getting so excited for the holidays!

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