June 16, 2012

Toothbrush Cake {Tutorial}

My husband just finished his first year of Dental school, so we thought we would celebrate with a little cake. I already made him a tooth cake for his birthday so I figured a toothbrush would be the next easiest thing.

Now I am FAR from a cake decorator(that's for sure) so clearly this cake doesn't look extra delicious and beautiful...I know that. But just for fun this is how I put my beginner skills to use.
I made it from two round cake pans, I'm not really sure why...cause it may have been easier from and regular rectangle pan, but this is how I did it. It was easy and worked great!

I cut my cake where all the black lines are in the image above, and all of the pieces with a red "X" on them I didn't use for the building of the cake(throw them out, eat them, whatever makes you happy).

And for the basic buliding of the cake I put my pieces together as shown by the numbers and...ta da! You have your self a very simple version of a toothbrush!

Frost it up, and eat away!

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