June 26, 2012

Crib Rail Covers

What's a girl to do when her first child chews away the railings on his beautiful crib?

Well not leave it like that for the next kid, that's for sure!
(Sorry for the extra blurry picture...not sure how that happened)

I have seen lots of rail covers sold that probably work great, but there just extra tacky. So I decided to come up with a cuter version of a railing cover, that does it's job while looking extra adorable!

I figured out what size I wanted my rail covers to be and quilted a piece big enough that I could cut it in half and have two rectangle strips for each side of the crib.

I finished off the edges by folded them under and sewing 1/4" all the way around the rectangle strip. I didn't really care what the underneath side looked like because know one will see it, but if you care you may want to give it a more finished look.

I made 4 fat ties and 4 skinny ties to sew to each rectangle that will help to secure the rail cover to the crib. The fat ties I cut 4"X 20" and the skinny ties 2"X 20", so after I sewed them into strips the finished sizes of the ties were about 1" and 2" wide.(I wanted mine to be secured with big bows, so I made my strips longer, but if you just want them tied on or secured with velcro you may want to shorten the length of your ties). 
 Sew your ties onto the underneath side of your  quilted rectangle, make sure you lay your rectangle on your crib rail to figure out exactly where you want your ties to be. 

All done, now be happy that you won't have chewed up railings on your beautiful crib.

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