June 30, 2012

Ruffled Crib Skirt {BOYS}

I Finally finished sewing the crib bedding, and I'm in love!! I must say it was way more adorable before I put the crib rail on...now the rail kind of hides the cute ruffles, but I'm still in love!

Who says boys can't have ruffles on their bed?
 Still need to make one more rail cover for the front of the crib...but I'm pretty sure this little guy won't be born with teeth, so I have a while to get that one done!
 If you missed the rail cover tutorial it's here, or if your just wondering what in the world the rail covers are for...see pictures here as well.

...Oh yeah, and I should probably figure out a name for this little guy so I can add that to the wall too, then I think we will be ready for him!
  I used the crib skirt tutorial from Positively Splendid. Just a tip, the instructions are for a four sided crib skirt, so if you want to spend a little less money/time you probably could make it three sided(since the back usually doesn't get seen). And make sure you read through all the instructions before you get started...your working with LOTS of fabrics and the instructions can get a little confusing if you don't figure out exactly what your working with from the beginning.

Here is the finished product before I put it on the crib.

It was quite the project for a crib that actually won't be slept in for several months, since the baby will be in the craddle, but if I didn't finish it before the baby got her I probably wouldn't have done it at all. SO HAPPY IT'S DONE! This room is coming together and I'm loving it, can't wait to share pictures soon!

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