May 28, 2012

DIY Wall Letters

I was going for simple, bold and modern looking, and that's exactly how they turned out...I LOVE IT!
 I cut the paper letters out on my Cricut using the font "Gill Sans Ultra Bold" and made all the letters 6" tall. After the letters were cut I traced them onto the foam board and used a scalpel to cut the board out. Then used spray glue to attach the paper(make sure you spray the foam board and not the paper...sometimes the glue soaks through the paper and leaves spots).

And of course I had to pull in the chevron stripe(but not to much). So I traced the stripe onto the "O" and painted away!

I cut the base of the letters out of white foam board from Wal-Mart(less than $2), and since I would be using gray paper to cover them I went ahead and painted the outer edges of the foam gray so you won't notice the cheap white foam look underneath(like last time

Now we just need to decided on a name for little man #2 so I can finish the next set of letters to match!

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  1. This is awesome!! I have been looking for WOODEN LETTERS. I kept thinking, I know there is another way to do this, cheaper and easier...and you have shown me the way lol. I don't have a cricut machine, but can just trace the font from online. This looks so cute and I'm so glad I came across this. Either doing the whole alphabet or his name (I'm 35 weeks and still don't have a name eeeek) 2nd little boy :)


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