March 8, 2012

Ruffle Frame

I had this frame laying around that was in desperate need of a little beauty, it even had a sweet fuzzy little rocking horse stuck to the top of bad I ripped it off before I got a picture.

I took the frame apart and covered the entire thing in white fabric, just to be sure the blue checkers didn't show through. If I were using any color besides white I probably would have glued the ruffles on without pre covering it.

Tore up 2" strips, then I ended up glueing them in half because I decided I didn't want the frayed look anymore.

Then I glued...and glued, and glued. Squirt a long line of hot glue and lay the fabric on it, wrinkling/ ruffling it as you go.

Then I decided it needed a little color, but didn't want to designate the frame to one certain I added a square of velcro so I can change out my flowers every holiday!

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