December 13, 2011

Bean Bag Name

Looking for yet another idea for a cheap stocking stuffer? Well pull out your felt and get a move on, the kids will love some personalized bean bags and you will love how fast you can whip these up.

For a seven letter name I used 3 sheets of felt for the bean bag portion and 1/4 of a sheet for the letters.

My sheets were 12 X 9 so I cut (3) 4" strips out of a sheet.

Cut each strip in half, leaving you with an almost square 4 X 4 1/2".

I cut out the letters I needed on my Cricut and pinned them onto my piece of felt, that way my letters would all be the same size and in a cute font.

Then pin the felt letters onto each of the felt squares. Sew around the letters securing then to the felt, now your ready to sew your bags.

When I'm sewing felt I don't worry about sewing right sides together, one less step to worry about and I think the raw edge of the felt looks fine. Line up two squares (wrong sides together) and sew around edge leaving a small opening to fill with beans.

I put about a 1/2 cup of beans in each bag, sewed up the hole on my sewing machine and your little bean bags to fill a stocking for the kids! They will love tossing them around and seeing how many words can be spelled with the letter of their name.

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  1. Cute idea! This would also be cute (if you are ambitious) to do with the entire alphabet. You could play lots of games to learn letters!


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