August 30, 2011

Table Refinish

I am in the process of changing the colors in my living room to this beautiful ocean blue color, and since I don't have anything in the actual color I figured I needed to start there first.

While my sister was in town visiting we made a quick visit to the Goodwill...just so happened to be 50% of furniture day, so we picked up this beauty for $7. I was a little skeptical at first (I mean it is pretty ugly) but my sister finally convinced me, and if it really didn't turn out I only lost a few bucks.

We picked up the color of paint I wanted on our way home, and 1 hour later I had myself a new table.

And I am so happy with it, if you are skeptical about painting furniture or anything for that matter, you should hop on over to, seriously she will inspire you to paint everything you can find!

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