June 2, 2011

Re-purposing: Onesie into T-Shirt

We have a few onesies hanging around that are cute but I just don't love onesies anymore. After my son hit 12months they started looking a little silly. I have a problem with getting rid of perfectly good clothes (Thats why my closet is so full & over half the clothes are don't fit) so I had to come up with something.

How easy would it be to turn them into T-Shirts...pretty stinkin' easy.

Here's the cute but could be cuter onesie.
I marked where I wanted the bottom of the shirt to be, normally I would pin it, but in this case I just picked a line on the shirt to follow.

Cut the bottom of the onesies off, and there you have it, your already half way done.

Fold raw edge (bottom of shirt) under 1/2" to 1". To make things a whole lot easier on yourself iron and pin.

Sew a straight stitch 1/4" to 1/2" seam around entire shirt.

And you're done, unless you want to take in the sides a little.
I measured 1" on the bottom corner and tapered off until I hit right below the bottom of sleeve,
Doing this to both sides.

Trimmed off the excess fabric
(One day the inside of my clothes will look as good as the outside, but until then... and until I get a serger, that won't be happening).

We now have a perfectly cute T-Shirt, so glad we didn't decide to get rid of the onesie!

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