May 20, 2011

Frame Remodel - Bathroom Edition

It’s official, my walls have run out of room…it’s a good thing were moving! As I walked in the door the other day frame in hand, Skyler looked at me with a rather disappointed face and said, “ Another frame, we don’t have room for another frame”. So I promised I would think of something to do with it for the extra bathroom our new place has, he was OK with that and let me keep it!

(He's so sweet to put up with me and my D.I. junk)

There are so many ways I can decorate a new bathroom, where to begin... I decided to stick with every fun bright color to get me started. I thought the teeth theme was rather fitting so here is what I came up with.

The pictures don’t do this frame justice; in real life it’s BIG, BULKY, & BEAUTIFUL! (You should see the thing)


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