May 12, 2011

Little Boys Bow Tie

How handsome is this little man, I mean really do they get much cuter than this?

I saw these adorable bow ties and decided Preston definitely needed one for Easter. So I found some cute fabric and whipped one up. After I finished it I put it on Preston just to see if it fit, and sure enough it did. I realized how cute it was and decided it couldn’t wait for Easter, so he wore it to church the next day! I guess I’ll just have to make him a new one for Easter, and for every other outfit to match! Hopefully I can find Skyler a matching tie so my boys look super cute together in there new spring ties.

When I found out I was having I boy I thought to myself, there are no cute things you can make for boysyou can’t make bows, dresses, headbands, I could go on. Who was I kidding? There are tons of things you can make for boys, and I’m bound to make them all!

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