February 21, 2011


Last year when I was in Miami, Brittany and I made our way into the fabric store and found ourselves some cute fabric ON SALE! We decided that we both would get the fabric in the color that matched our rooms and make headboards. 10 months later, I dig the fabric out of closet and WA-LA…A, made myself a headboard.

I LOVE DECORATING, but for some odd reason our room isn’t cute and decorated. Ok, not so odd, obviously no one see’s our room so of course I am going to decorate the rest of the house first. So the room is still not cute, but… at least we have a cute headboard right? One day. . . . . …one day every room in my house will be cute, especially the master bedroom!

I had a different idea in my mind but I decided I needed to go simple or it would never get done.


Now it’s your turn Britt, can’t wait to see what yours will look like.

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