February 23, 2012

Scratch Card Gender Reveal - Tutorial

* Silver Paint (Mine was cheap stuff from Michaels)
* Liquid Dish Soap
* Laminate Paper

 To start I cut my circles out on my Cricut, but if you don't want to spend the time cutting circles you could place a rectangle of the laminate paper over the portion of the card that you want scratch paint on.
* If you are using my card template, the circles are 1 1/2".

I found the mixing ratio over at ArtMind. They mixed 2 parts paint to 1 part dish liquid. When I did it, it ended up being more like 3 parts paint one part dish liquid. So just test it out...It's probably depends on how thick your paint is to start with. 

After I had a good consistency with my paint, I painted my laminate circles. Don't worry the first coat looks thin (like it's not going to work). Let the first coat dry completely and then paint a second coat, it should cover great (If your still a little worried it's not dark enough, keep adding coats).
* I ended up adding a few drops of dark blue paint to my mixture to darken it (so you won't have to paint as many coats).

When the paint has dried completely, peel off the backing of the laminate paper and cover your circles.

Now your ready to scratch away!

* * * * *
Here's the template, save to your computer and add your own text.


Text for a BOY!                                                       Add your own text!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Brooke! I love this idea...so so so cute and fun! And congrats on another little boy!

  2. This is a brilliant idea!! TFS xx

  3. This is adorable, Brooke! Congrats on another handsome boy!

  4. this is amazing! I must do this. :)
    I really love all your posts and I'm checking each from new to old :)

  5. Great idea now i will make some scratch cards for my friends and i will test their luck with your wonderful idea i am able to make scratch cards in home otherwise i was wonder which Ink and Cartridge is made for printing scratch cards and i don't know is it possible in ordinary printers or not.


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