November 21, 2011

Toy Story Finger Puppets

My son was invited to a Toy Story themed birthday party this week so we were racking our brains trying to come up with something a little 3year old would love. I knew that the birthday boy had a few finger puppets that he loves, and he's also adores Toy Story, so what better gift then Toy Story finger puppets.

First I had to decide which characters would be the easiest to make in finger puppet form. The winners...Alien, Lotso, and a rocket ship(for alien of course). Using felt I cut out all of the pieces that I needed to make up my puppet. You can either sew each individual piece on, or hot glue them on, whichever you prefer. I sewed Alien, but I was running out of time so I hot glued Lotso and the spaceship pieces to them.

When sewing on the pieces that will be on the outer edges of the finger puppet, such as the arms, ears, wings of the rocket, make sure you lay them to the inside of the puppet before you sew the outer edge.

After all your pieces are in place, lay right sides together and sew around the outer edges.(I backstitched a few times at the ends, just to make sure the felt wouldn't come apart after they got played with a few time). Flip the puppets right-side out and your done.

I used permanent markers for Alien and Lotso's mouth and eyes.

I know when your young homemade gifts can be kind of lame, but since he's only 3 I'm hoping he thinks there cool, because I sure do!

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  1. I love these puppets! i'm a new follower, one of Megan Hambly friends


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