October 20, 2011

Nail Art

Check out this rockin' new way to paint your nails. It probably would be fifty times cooler if I had tons of bright colors, but since my nail polish collection consists only of shades of PINK and 2 tiny bottles of silver, I had to work with what I had.
Water Marble Nails!
Ignore the fact that my nails are nonexistent (no I don't bite them...I tear them. I know it's awful)
First, put multiple drops of nail polish in a cup of water, dropping the polish directly in the center of the previous drop that now has spread towards the outer edge of the cup.
Take a toothpick and make your sweet little design, pulling from the outside of the polish circle to the center (the polish will dry so you want to do this part rather fast).
Dip your nail in the water...While your nail is in the water take your toothpick and clean up polish that is floating, lift your finger out and.....tada!!
I suggest taping your finger (see above) so the polish sticks to the tape and not your finger, or you'll have a slight mess all over your skin like so...
Looks pretty cool, until you realized you misplaced your nail polish remover and you walk around with not only your nails painted but your finger painted, then you feel kinda silly....I wouldn't know but I'm just guessing ; )
So if you have extra cool colors and beautiful long nails, you should try this, and show me pictures...I won't feel bad when your's looks SO much cooler than mine, besides... it is only my first try!
P.S. it kinda takes forever, so make sure you have a spare minute(X)30.

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